BroadBand Now (BBN) is fast broadband delivered by radio antennae (Fixed Wireless).

Can’t get NBN? You may be able to get BBN. Request a free survey now.

Our network was first established in 2004 and has been continually improved as new technologies become available. We believe that our unique radio broadband network is the most effective and reliable in Australia.

Competitive prices and fast speeds with options for Residential, Business & Corporate users.

Our Residential plans are tailored to provide fast broadband speeds at affordable prices.

Available speeds up to 30Mbps download by 3Mbps upload.

Residential Plans

Our Business plans are suitable for businesses that want guaranteed speeds and fast upload speeds.

Available speeds up to 30Mbps download by 30Mbps upload.

Business Grade Service Level Agreements & guaranteed speeds

Business Plans

Our Corporate Plans are tailored especially for your requirements.

Available speeds up to 1Gbps.

Corporate Grade Service Level Agreements.

Corporate Plans

Do you live in a Building Complex with poor internet?

We can provide fast internet services to Gated Communities, High Rise apartments etc.

Find out if you can get it here.

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