Residential Plans

Tired of waiting for NBN to arrive in your area? You may be able to get “BroadBand Now” right now!

About Our Residential Broadband Packages:

broadbandnowservices are designed for home users and small business who want access to fast internet services.

How much does it cost?

Plans start from $49.95 / month. Installations typically cost $249. See pricing below.

Speed Expectations:

To keep our domestic plan costs low your connection to our internet service will be shared with multiple users. Consequently your speed will vary depending on what other users on the shared connection are doing.

Our terms clearly state that you should get a download speed anywhere from 1Mbps up to the plan speed. Typically customers will average around 50% of the plan speed, bursting up to the full plan speed. so on the 30Mbps/3Mbps plan most users should average around 15Mbps download speed.

How does this compare to NBN?

Although it is not made very clear on their website, NBN works in exactly the same way. The news and forums are full of negative articles about users not getting the speeds that they expected.

Can I get Better Guaranteed Speeds?

Yes. Our Business and Corporate plans come with speed guarantees.

How Do I Know If I Can Get the service?

We are constantly expanding out network. Currently we cover most areas in Northern NSW, South East Queensland, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.

However, due to terrain and obstacles not everyone in these areas can get our services.

Complete the form below. We will complete a survey and let you know within 48 business hours.

If we cannot currently provide our services in your area, we will keep your request on file. Should we receive enough interest in your area, we may install equipment to provider coverage. In this case we will be in touch to let you know when it is available.

Residential Broadband Site Survey Request

Residential Broadband Site Survey Request

Sorry we currently only supply services in Northern NSW, South East Queensland, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas

We are continually expanding out network. Please check back again another time

Terms and Conditions

I understand that:

  • This form is to request a site survey to determine if services are available at my address, it is not a service order.
  • For this service an antenna would need to be installed on the roof at my address.
  • The plan speeds are "Up To" the stated speed. Typical speeds are around 50% of the plan speed, peaking at the full plan speed.
  • There will be an installation charge. Typically $249 for a standard installation. If the installation is complex, the price will be quoted.

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Note: See terms and conditions for notes about speeds.